How To Cook And Eat MRE Meals

When we normally talk about meals ready to eat or MRE meals, it refers to foods that were designed primarily for military personnel purposes. Mainly they were intended to give the right combination of nutrition to army personnel while they were on the battlefield. However, these days an increasing number of civilians understand how important nutritious foods are for their everyday eating habits. Not only are they very nutritious but they are also ideally suited for disaster events and emergency situations. For a skilled, trained and hardened soldier it might not be much of a problem to make a ready to eat meal. However, for ordinary people it definitely calls for some training and getting familiar with the whole process. Therefore, it is interesting to learn more about them.

One Package Per Each Individual

The meals differ from mess kitchens that cook and serve food for hundreds or thousands of military personnel. What they are instead is a complete and single package for one person. They are very uniquely packaged. When you open one up you won’t find them to be like any other conventional food package that you are so familiar with. You need to rip it open like you would a bag of chip and you shouldn’t open it along the side of the bag. You can use the kit later for other purposes as well. The meal packet contains several different nutritious food items. It begins with an appetizer or an entree. There is also a nutritious and high quality dessert of snack, bread, crackers and some type of spread in the form of either margarine, butter or cheese. Usually it also comes with a milk packet ready for you to eat, a spoon and a Flameless Ration Heater (FRH), which in very cold conditions can be very helpful. Water is used to help activate the FRH. There are also many other miscellaneous and useful items. They may include water resistant matches, various kinds of toiletries, seasonings, toilet paper, chewing gum and more.

How To Make Best Use Of An MRE Meal

If you would like to personally use MRE meals, there are several different things you need to keep in mind about them. The first and foremost thing that you need to remember is that they need to be arranged properly to ensure that each and every item can be properly identified. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is to identify the main items and main entree properly which make up the FRH. The entree should be stored in a flat box, and it needs to be leak proof so that nothing spills out of the box. In addition, the heating apparatus needs to be well packaged to prevent it from getting damaged while it is being transported and subjected to rough usage.

Finally, even for the other foods contained in the meal, it is natural for some other preservatives to be used so that is stay fresh for a longer amount of time.

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